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"Admiral Coburn, we have the survivors. Recall all fighters."
"Yes, General. [To his bridge crew] Prepare to jump to lightspeed."
―Plo Koon and Coburn — (audio) Listen (file info)[3]

Barton Coburn was a human male officer who held the rank of admiral in the Galactic Republic Navy. He commanded a task force during the Battle of Lola Sayu and later helmed the Arquitens-class light cruiser Hand of Justice during the Battle of Kadavo. He later became a part of the Galactic Empire following the end of the war and the rise of the new regime. In around 18 BBY, he participated in a summit on the planet Eriadu and the Raven's Peak facility.


In service to the Republic[]


Coburn commands the Republic rescue fleet from his Star Destroyer at Lola Sayu.

A human male,[1] Barton Coburn was a part of the Galactic Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, serving as an admiral.[3] During the war, he served under the command of Jedi General Plo Koon.[5] Admiral Coburn served with distinction during the many battles he fought in the Clone Wars. Coburn was in command of the Republic task force sent to retrieve the strike team that freed Captain Wilhuff Tarkin and Jedi Master Even Piell from the Citadel on Lola Sayu.[3] He also commanded the operation to rescue the Togruta slaves from the Zygerrian slaving facility on Kadavo. Captaining the Arquitens-class light cruiser[5] Hand of Justice,[6] Coburn waited until Koon and the starfighters eliminated the turrets before moving in, maneuvered the ship underneath the Zygerrian facility and helped to rescue the Togrutas.[5]

Under the Empire[]

"And what happens if they become aware of what's happening and take up arms against us?"
―Barton Coburn voices his concern with a potential clone rebellion[4]

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire in the Republic's stead, Coburn continued to serve under the new government and remained a high-ranking and respected Imperial admiral.[7] Around 18 BBY,[8] he joined Governor Wilhuff Tarkin at a summit at the Raven's Peak on Eriadu alongside General Hurst Romodi, Commander Orson Krennic, and Doctor Royce Hemlock.[4] Coburn was considered one of the Empire's high-level leaders.[9] When Doctor Hemlock spoke about the Advanced Science Division's efforts on continuing the previously Kaminoan-supervised cloning projects, using decommissioned Republic clone troopers as test subjects, Coburn voiced an objection. He expressed unease with using clones as test subjects, referencing their loyal service during the war. Tarkin reassured him that the clones had shown a concerning level of individuality and that they needed to be controlled. Coburn then posed the idea of a potential clone rebellion if they were to discover Hemlock's operations, to which Hemlock responded that some already had begun to rebel and that it could be dealt with.[4]

As the summit continued, insurgents led by Saw Gerrera infiltrated the Raven's Peak and placed thermal explosives, which were detonated and destroyed much of the base.[4] Coburn and the others were secured in the conference room as the chaos happened around them and Gerrera and the surviving forces escaped.[10]

Personality and traits[]

"If I may, I served with the clones for many years. They are cunning warriors. Loyal to the end. Are we willing to just dismiss them out of hand?"
―Barton Coburn[4]

Admiral Coburn

Barton Coburn was a human male with graying hair, light skin, and blue eyes. He was a composed leader that had the trust of the men serving under him.[5] During his service to the Empire, he remembered the clone troopers that he had served with and had praise for their bravery and skill. However, ultimately, he allowed Tarkin and Hemlock to quell his doubts about using them as test subjects in cloning experiments.[4]

Equipment and uniform[]

Barton Coburn used the standard-issue gray uniform consisting of an Imperial officer's tunic, a pair of flared/normal pants, a black utility belt, and a pair of black durasteel-toed boots. As admiral, he wore a single row rank insignia plaque of six blue squares.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Admiral Barton Coburn was created for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. He made his first appearance in March 2011 in the episode "Citadel Rescue," which aired as part of the series' third season.[11] He was later featured in the fourth season episode "Escape from Kadavo," which was released on January 5, 2012.[12] As part of his appearance in the latter episode, he received an entry in the StarWars.com Encyclopedia.[2] Coburn was voiced by voice actor Dee Bradley Baker in "Citadel Rescue,"[11] but his voice actor for "Escape from Kadavo" has yet to be attributed.[5] The character has since appeared in the fifth season episodes "Point of No Return"[13] and "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much."[14]



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