Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies, sometimes known as BGD, was a company of seafood founded and initially owned by entrepreneur Hugo Bartyn to export foodstuff from his properties on the planet Lamaredd. It was his initial goal to enrichen himself behind the backs of his employees from the Outer Rim Oreworks Company, who claimed the whole planet for mining activities. Initially the fishermen and workers of the BGD processing plant were indentured servants, although successors of Bartyn — all of whom were members of his family — eventually released them. BGD, along with the mine of ORO, was the main company in the planet and basis of its economy.


The planet Lamaredd, in Lamaro system of the Outer Rim Territories, was rich in both edible seafood and minerals, but initial researches performed by the Old Republic failed to see these resources. C. 529 BBY, scout Hugo Bartyn, working for the Outer Rim Oreworks Company, analyzed the system with new technology and noticed both of these assets. Barytn notified ORO about the minerals, but not about the sea life, as he intended to exploit that resource for himself to obtain a personal profit, keeping ORO unaware until it was too late.[1]

ORO provided Bartyn with droids to build ORO Mining Station LM0228, and also registered some land in the nearby bay to Bartyn's name. Bartyn bribed the right hands so that he could keep the droids once the building was over, and re-programmed them with software about fishing. Bartyn also obtained an uncontinued Hoersch-Kessel LH-3010 capital freighter that he used to build the most of a coastal city, later known as Bartyn's Landing. Bartyn also shanghaied a number of amphibian aliens who would work for him as indentured servants fishing the catch and working in the processing plant, and surreptitiously obtained the rights to land in key locations of the planet.[1]

Bartyn then organized his own company, Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies, while at the same time working for ORO and obtaining good profits for them in record time even if he skimmed part of that money — and he even found time to go in hunting expeditions. While the fishermen were unhappy with the working conditions, most of them accepted the deal. Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies soon gave Hugo Bartyn the lion's share of his profits, becoming a successful venture. Seafood from Lamaredd was a pleasure valued by rich dilettantes, Hutts and nobles from Alderaan.[1]

As his personal situation improved, Bartyn gave some liberties to both his workers and ORO — who was mostly unhappy with Bartyn having such a great initiative, but accepted to leave it be as long as the mine could give them enough gains.[1]

Eventually, c. 517 BBY, the fishermen syndicated in the Sailor's Union and performed an unannounced work stoppage that could have been fatal to BGD — particularly as Bartyn would have been unable to deliver some orders to some Hutt customers who, as far as Bartyn feared, could send agents to take over BGD. The Sailor's Union, under captain Sirrik Olyeg, negotiated with Bartyn so that the fishermen could be free citizens and have a share of the benefits from the sale of their catch. Eventually, most of the sailors from BGD joined the Sailor's Union.[1]

In the following five centuries, BGD was inherited by Hugo Bartyn's descendants, as were most of his other responsibilities and assets — including the Administratorship on the ORO mines. Although ORO had supposed control on the spaceport of Bartyn's Landing, the ORO Administrator/BGD CEO managed to control the interplanetary exports of seafood, forbidding anyone outside BGD from doing so.[1] BGD and ORO became the two more important powers in the planet Lamaredd and, as there were a number of irregularities surrounding their activities —including boats from the BGD ramming independent trawlers such as Howe Walwahd's—, they tried to save the planet from any visit of external agents of justice, including the Jedi Order.[2]

C. 69 BBY, the interplanetary supply lines of this company were attacked by the Dark Jedi Byrch Dyshkava. Following their hyperspace routes, Dyshkava eventually reached Lamaredd, where he became the leader of a gang of outlaws until his eventual arrest that same year.[1]

C. 29 BBY, BGD was the only supplier of food to the Three Jetties Gourmet Restaurant of Bartyn's Landing, which was owned by Guther Bartyn, by then also owned of BGD.[1] That same year, the re-appearance of the native sentient species of Lamaredd, the long-thought extinct Menahuun, led to a gradual loss of power for the Bartyn family and to ORO retiring from the planet. Although BGD was still a profitable company, Guther Bartyn was unable to keep it: town council of Bartyn's Landing took control of BGD, and the Sailor's Union believed that they could become the next owners.[2]

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The article assumes that the player characters of Reckonings achieve the best possible ending but, should they fail, the adventure offers an alternative path that takes place during an open war between the Menahuun and the citizens of Bartyn's Landing. In that case, Guther Bartyn retains control of BGD, and hires the player characters to crew a sea-freighter of BGD to his own summer lands in the island of Bartyn's Retreat. Once there, the player characters would discover that Bartyn's Retreat had already been seized by the Menahuun.



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