The Bartyn family were the Administrators of the planet Lamaredd and the owners of the company Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies at least from 529 BBY to 29 BBY.[1]

Hugo Bartyn founded the mining/fishing colony of Lamaredd. He had several children, with the oldest son being Traggat and the oldest daughter Tria Bartyn.[1] Both Hugo and Traggat apparently died in 499 BBY, and the Administratorship went to Tria. As Tria took very popular measures, she was known among her subjects as "Benevolent Tria", and well liked and respected even centuries after her death.[1] An unpopular Bartyn was the administrator c. 229 BBY; this person built a secret tunnel from the Bartyn mansion to the mines of the family.[2]

In 29 BBY, Guther Bartyn was the ruling administrator.[1] He was disliked by his people.[2]

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In the best possible ending of the adventure Reckonings, the Bartyn family suddenly loses the support of ORO and later much power. A new Administrator is democratically elected, and the Sailor's Union tries to obtain control of BGD.



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