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Baruk's Bar was located on Nar Shaddaa. The bar was frequented primarily by thugs who worked for Reelo Baruk, the owner of the bar, who also administrated a garbage hauling business and was involved in criminal activities, such as smuggling, as well. It also appeared to be home to a betting ring. The betting was upon fights between mine crabs.

The bartender was a grammatically challenged Chiss who had problems distinguishing between the singular and the plural of Basic. Baruk had an office in one of the backrooms of the bar, which was guarded by Rodian snipers and other thugs hired by Baruk.

Kyle Katarn went to the bar during the crisis of Desann's Reborn to seek out information on Baruk, who he suspected had ties with Desann. Deceived by the bartender, Katarn was attacked by all patrons in the bar, but he managed to fight his way through the bar and eventually located Baruk's office, leaving behind a trail of dead thugs, only to discover that Baruk was not there.

Behind the scenesEdit

Baruk's Bar is canonical, as it appears in Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, but has received no official name.

The mine crab fights are similar to cockfights found in many real-life shady bars.


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