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"The only way to infiltrate such a closed society."
―The Impostor contemplates his situation.[src]

Bas-Ton was the name assumed by an infiltrator for the reconstituted Sith Empire's intelligence service on the planet Voss during the Galactic War.


The real Bas-Ton, a member of the Voss species, had been replaced by this Imperial Agent who had been altered to appear in his image around 3645 BBY. He resided in a teahouse in the Judicial Quarter in the city of Voss-Ka, along with the real Bas-Ton's family - his brother Therod-Ton, son Phi-Ton, and daughter Yana-Ton - in order to maintain his cover.

Around 3640 BBY, after Imperial Intelligence was neutralized by a trap laid by the mysterious Star Cabal, the Imperial agent code-named Cipher Nine arrived on Voss to search for clues relating to the "Shining Man", a Cabal agent who had become something of a legend to the Voss. Bas-Ton was Cipher's primary contact, researching the clues that the Agent found in the Shining Man's tomb and various other places below Voss-Ka. That ended when a bounty hunter captured Bas-Ton and held him for ransom, demanding a face-to-face meeting outside the reach of the Voss commandos. The bounty hunter had been hired by the exiled Hutt crime lord Voontara Fa'athra, whom Cipher Nine (under the guise of the Red Blade) had undermined on Nal Hutta to secure an Imperial alliance with his rival, Suudaa Nem'ro. Fa'athra had learned of the "Blade's" real identity through Cabal mastermind Hunter.

Cipher Nine tracked Bas-Ton and his kidnappers to an abandoned Voss commando outpost in the Gormak lands, and engaged Fa'athra and his mercenaries. Bas-Ton was mortally wounded by the bounty hunter who'd captured him, but revealed the last clue on the Shining Man to Cipher Nine, telling the Agent to search in the Dark Heart in the Nightmare Lands. He succumbed to his wound shortly thereafter, commenting that he was glad to die an Imperial rather than a "blasted alien".