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"That 'Base Delta Zero' initiative the Empire keeps talking about? The new 'key to planetary liberation'? Don't believe it. It's a military code phrase, and it means TOTAL EXTERMINATION OF A TARGET POPULATION. It's completely loathsome."
―Sabine Wren, in her private journal[src]

Base Delta Zero[1] (AurebeshSans-SerifBold b.pngΔAurebeshSans-SerifBold 0.png)[2] was the naval code for a type of orbital bombardment capable of melting a planet's upper crust to molten slag. The Galactic Republic only used it as a last resort against enemy armies entrenched deep underground.[3] Its successor state, the Galactic Empire, claimed that Base Delta Zero was part of planetary liberations,[1] but in actuality, the tactic was used to completely exterminate a planet's population. Sabine Wren wrote about how the Empire had lied about the true meaning of the code in her journal.[4] When Zare Leonis began fighting with Nazhros Oleg after being provoked, Lieutenant Currahee warned their unit, Aurek, that she would be "going Base Delta Zero" on them if there were any further screw-ups.[5]



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