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Basilisk was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that was placed under the command of Captain Mullinore, who served as part of Admiral Natasi Daala's squadron of four Star Destroyers. The warship, like its sister vessels, had been assigned to guard the top-secret Maw Installation, but when Daala chose to embark upon a campaign of guerrilla warfare against the New Republic, the Basilisk was heavily damaged when Kyp Durron detonated the Cauldron Nebula with the Sun Crusher.


After the destruction of the Hydra, Daala ordered the Basilisk to pursue the Sun Crusher piloted by Han Solo and Kyp Durron and was caught in a battle between Moruth Doole's Kessel forces and the Millennium Falcon. During the battle against Daala, Basilisk sustained heavy damage.

Basilisk would go on to participate in actions against a New Republic colony on Dantooine and in an assault on the Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac—where its sister ship, the Manticore, was lost in combat.

After the battle, Basilisk and Gorgon retreated to the Cauldron Nebula where Daala hatched a plan to drive the Basilisk into the surface of Coruscant with a skeleton crew, but the plot was foiled when Durron arrived with the Sun Crusher and set the nebula into supernova. Basilisk was caught in the explosions. Fortunately the majority of the crew was transferred to the Gorgon, leaving a minor amount of crew aboard when it was destroyed. It also is notable that apart from Captain Mullinore, the crew that did die in the supernova were all Stormtroopers.



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