Bassi Vobah was a female Centran Police officer active in the Oseon system during the Galactic Civil War.


Vobah's parents immigrated to the Oseon system from parts unknown to work as merchants. They did not find success, however, and Bassi was forced to join the police in order to support them. Eventually her parents passed away, but by then Vobah had gotten used to the job and stayed with it.

When Lando killed Colonel Kenow in self-defense, violating the Oseon's strict no-weapons statute, Vobah became angry as now she would be swamped with paperwork; the only bright spot, aside from arresting Lando, was that she could keep his stingbeam in the Oseon police's "museum" and have another story to tell. Bassi Vobah was even more angry when she found out that Calrissian was avoiding punishment, and that she would accompany him, his droid Vuffi Raa, and Imperial narcotics officer Waywa Fybot to arrest the "richest man in the galaxy"—and lesai addict—Bohhuah Mutdah.

After several close calls, the group arrived at Mutdah's private estate, and the idealistic young Peacekeeper declared that Mutdah was under arrest. In the next moment, Waywa Fybot—who was corrupt and secretly working for Mutdah—used his Service Special to blow her head off.

Personality and traitsEdit

Blonde, somewhat attractive by most human standards, she considered herself a "small-town girl" whose annual relief from the humdrum routine was the three weeks of Flamewind, when she could meet tourists from countless other systems in the galaxy. Vobah hated few things more than trouble occurring during the Flamewind, as that meant paperwork taking up her time. In the list of things she did hate more were professional gamblers such as Lando Calrissian, whom she considered a "wandering tramp." So Bassi was rather mad when Lob Doluff, Administrator Senior of the Oseon system, coerced her into playing sabacc with him, Lando, Del Cycer and the trunk-thing. She had horrible luck at the table.


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