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Basso and his older brother Jiir were members of the Ralltiir resistance just before the Battle of Yavin.


When Leia Organa was on a mercy mission on Ralltiir, Basso was tasked to deliver a message he had absorbed under hypnotic imprint. The resistance created a diversion so that Basso could get past Imperial forces. He was wounded, and taken aboard the Tantive IV and put in a bacta tank. Shortly thereafter, he advised Leia about the Battle of Kattada.

He later participated in the Battle of Kalist VI, where he helped to convince the other Rebels to free the slaves.

Alongside Able and other Rebel operatives, he participated in the Battle of Per Lupelo. Basso was part of the teams used to board and capture four Imperial ships carrying supplies badly needed by the Rebels.

After Rebel One's hyperdrive malfunctioned and landed the ship at Bannistar Station, Basso was a part of the mission that decided to destroy the Station, facing odds that were almost guaranteed to be fatal. Basso was tasked with leading a team to destroy the communications array and to try to find some method for the Rebels to escape.

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An action figure was made in 2008 by Hasbro as a part of their Expanded Universe Comics line.[1]



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