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Bastila Shan's father was a Human male and was known to have been a treasure hunter. Bastila had a good relationship with him.


His wife, Helena, remembered their daughter with fondness, showing holograms of her to one of her husband's employees. At some point during this time, Helena developed a fatal disease. Her husband, in order to pay for treatments, desperately continued his search for treasure to raise the money. In the course of these hunts he traveled to Tatooine searching for krayt dragon pearls. Unfortunately for his cause, he was killed by a canyon krayt dragon in the Eastern Dune Sea sometime after the Mandalorian Wars. The dragon's nest was a cave that housed a Rakatan Star Map.

His holocron with Bastila's holograms was eventually found by Revan and Bastila in the krayt dragon's cave while searching for the Star Maps, after Helena Shan revealed her longing for her husband's holograms.

Behind the scenes[]

In-game, the image for the holocron within the inventory screen appears as though it were a Jedi holocron; however, its description characterizes it as a simple datapad. Non-Force-sensitives could not create or use holocrons, but it is unknown whether this nomenclature is a mistake on BioWare's part.


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