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Bastila Shan owned a double-bladed lightsaber during the Jedi Civil War.



Bastila with her lightsaber during the Skirmish aboard the Leviathan.

Bastila Shan used a single yellow-bladed lightsaber for a time. After [Revan/Legends|Revan's]] "death," she exchanged the weapon for a double-bladed lightsaber. After the attack on the Endar Spire, Brejik found it when he salvaged her escape pod, and when Revan killed Brejik during the aftermath of the Taris swoop race, he returned it to Shan. When she was captured by Darth Malak and became a Sith apprentice, she replaced the yellow crystal inside the lightsaber with a red crystal.[1]

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In both of the Knights of the Old Republic games, all characters that wield a double-bladed lightsaber share the hilt of Bastila Shan's lightsaber.

The Knights of the Old Republic II Prima Guide mentions the player being able to retrieve Bastila's lightsaber upon confronting and defeating Darth [Revan/Legends|Revan's]] apparition in Ludo Kressh's tomb on Korriban. However, in the actual game, one receives a random lightsaber type with random crystal (similar to other occasions in the game) instead. The term Bastila's lightsaber may have been used either due to the author's mistake or referring to cut content.



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