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The Bastion

"The Bastion is one of the most heavily secured fortresses in the galaxy."
―General Garza.[src]

The Bastion was a large strategic site developed by the Galactic Republic and placed on the planet Corellia. It was considered a fortress without equal and stood as the center of Republic Military planning as well as analysis for centuries. It consisted of massive subterranean databanks that contained information on every strategic asset at the Republic disposal. This included both official and unofficial resources along with an extensive array of data on every species, government and organization in the known galaxy.[1]

Originally, the databanks of the Bastion were used to support elaborate simulated war game scenarios. The military's top officers attempted to use this documented resource in unexpected ways in order to prepare the Republic for any threat that might appear in the future. This was the case in the time prior to the Great Galactic War. However, none of these scenarios indicated the brilliance and strategy of the Sith Emperor's grand invasion plan during the Sith Empire's return.[1]

In the Cold War, the Sith staged an open invasion of Corellia itself after members of the Corellian government surrendered the planet to the Empire. This chain of events allowed General Arkos Rakton to take control of the Bastion. However, General Elin Garza led the efforts with Havoc Squad in retaking the facility.

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