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Batch 82-4 was a batch of clone troopers that each had arachnophobia. This resulted in difficulties when these clones faced OG-9 homing spider droids. Clones from this batch were known as "82-4's". Despite Clone troopers being "brothers", 82-4's were unpopular among GAR commanders. Even high ranking commanders from batch 82-4 were afraid. Captain Rex had to deal with several of these troopers, and did not like it.

Giant Spiders Are AwesomeEdit

Rex:What do you mean you're afraid? I'm not, and we're both clones of the same guy!

Commander:I don't know. All the clones from batch 82-4 came out afraid of arthropods. It's pretty weird.

A very troublesome 82-4 was a commander who was on the same gunship as Captain Rex that was hit by droids. When they were met by these spider droids, this commander hid behind rubble while the other clones faced it. He hid there until Rex found him and reminded him that it wasn't a real spider, and then the commander took it down all by himself.


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