Batcha Hunaris was a male individual who worked as a guard for a fueling depot on Orinda before becoming a member of the Cloud-Riders rebel gang. While he was a member, the Cloud-Riders attempted to steal a shipment of coaxium from the Galactic Empire on the planet Vandor. Riding speeder bikes, they attacked a 20-T Railcrawler conveyex transport carrying the goods, but discovered that a group working for the criminal Crimson Dawn were already on the transport trying to steal the same shipment. The groups fought and ultimately neither managed to claim the coaxium as it was destroyed.

Hunaris and the other Cloud-Riders then encountered the Crimson Dawn members again on Savareen, where the groups formed a plan together to take out Dryden Vos, leader of Crimson Dawn. When Vos arrived on Savareen in his yacht, the First Light, the crime lord sent out his enforcers to kill Hunaris and his companions; however, they had swapped their outfits with a group of locals and ambushed the enforcers, killing them all. Vos was then killed by the Crimson Dawn members they had formed the plan with, and the Cloud-Riders then left with a shipment of Crimson Dawn's coaxium.


Train heistEdit

Vandor Explosion

The Cloud-Riders failed to recover any Coaxium from Vandor after the shipment was destroyed.

Batcha Hunaris was a male individual who worked as a guard at a fueling depot on Orinda. When the depot was raided by the Cloud-Riders rebel gang led by Enfys Nest, Hunaris decided to tag along with them and became a member.[1] In 10 BBY,[3] he and the other Cloud-Riders traveled to the icy world of Vandor in order to try and steal a shipment of the hyperfuel coaxium from the Galactic Empire in order to try and fund resistance against the Empire and criminal syndicates like Crimson Dawn. Traveling on swoop bikes, the gang descended upon the Imperial 20-T Railcrawler conveyex transport ICC-5537, which was carrying the coaxium; however, they discovered that they had been beaten to their target by a group of criminals led by Tobias Beckett and working for Crimson Dawn.[2]

The groups exchanged fire, with Hunaris remaining on a swoop while Nest and fellow Cloud-Rider Baroosh Pawk dismounted onto the train, then the Cloud-Riders fired grappling hooks onto the transport car carrying the coaxium. The opposing gang of criminals had lifted the car with a Y-45 armored transport hauler and it hung between the two groups as they attempted to escape. As the groups approached a mountain, the pilot of the hauler, Han Solo, lost his nerve and released the car, forcing the Cloud-Riders to do the same and leaving it to tumble into the mountain and explode. The Cloud-Riders were then force to leave the planet empty-handed.[2]

Savareen standoffEdit

Enfys Nest and company

Hunaris and the Cloud-Riders confronted Solo and his allies on Savareen.

The Cloud-Riders then kept an eye on the group they had fought with on Vandor and learned that they planned to steal another coaxium shipment from the planet Kessel. After their foes successfully pulled off the heist, they traveled to the planet Savareen to have the coaxium processed. There they found Hunaris and his colleagues waiting for them, and the Cloud-Riders confronted them in a standoff in a local settlement. After Nest diffused the situation, she persuaded Solo and several other members of the group that they shared a common enemy in Dryden Vos, second in command of Crimson Dawn.[2]

The two groups then devised a plan to keep the coaxium and kill Vos, who was coming to Savareen to collect the shipment. Upon the crime lord's arrival in his yacht First Light, Solo and the others boarded the yacht with a fake case of coaxium, which Vos knew was fake due to a warning from Beckett. Vos then sent out his enforcers to collect the real coaxium and kill the Cloud-Riders; however, Hunaris and his colleagues had swapped their outfits with the settlement's inhabitants and ambushed the enforcers, killing them all. Solo's companion Qi'ra then killed Vos and Solo killed Beckett. After Nest thanked Solo and his allies, Hunaris and the other Cloud-Riders then loaded up the coaxium on their swoops and left the settlement.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Hunaris was a brute who preferred to use knives and clubs.[1]


Hunaris used knives and clubs in combat, including a case-hardened cannon barrel bludgeon.[1] He wore a brown outfit with a brown and white helmet, as well as a belt with three pouches and gray gloves with white spikes attached to each finger. A tuft of fur hung from his right arm.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Batcha Hunaris first appeared in the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story,[2] and was first identified in the accompanying reference book Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide, which was written by Pablo Hidalgo.[1] He was played by Brendon Huor.[source?]



Notes and referencesEdit

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