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Batcher was a lurca hound from the planet Wayland. Initially aggressive under the captivity of the Galactic Empire, which designated the hound LH-201, Batcher was given her name by the imprisoned clone Omega, who was responsible for feeding the lurca hounds in Wayland's Mount Tantiss facility and formed a bond with Batcher. Omega then helped Batcher escape her captivity in the base after Omega learned she was going to be killed due to being domesticated. Once freed, Batcher later helped Omega and Crosshair in their escape from Wayland together, joining her namesake the "Bad Batch," Clone Force 99.


Batcher was among the lurca hounds that the Galactic Empire kept in captivity in the Lurca kennels at Mount Tantiss, a facility hidden in the forests of the planet Wayland. She was designated LH-201 and, as with the other hounds, were forced to wear collar devices and periodically released via a small tunnel into the facility's vicinity to patrol the grounds. They were forcibly summoned by their collars back into their cages in Mount Tantiss, where they were managed by the droid K-9X1.[1]

The imprisoned human clone Omega, a member of the rogue Clone Force 99 "Bad Batch" that defied the Empire, was responsible for feeding the lurca hounds, among other duties in the facility. Omega found one hound to be aggressive and unwilling to eat the supplied food, but the human secretly provided extra food from her own rations and named the hound "Batcher."[1]

After Batcher was injured on one of her patrols in Mount Tantiss' vicinity, she was scheduled to be killed by her Imperial captors. Omega wished to save Batcher's life and treated her wound, gradually forming a bond with the hound. Nonetheless, her domestication and growing attachment to Omega was viewed as a detriment by the Empire and the termination order was maintained. Upon realizing Batcher's predicament, Omega overpowered the lurca hounds' handler, K-9X1, and freed Batcher from captivity, urging her to stay away from Mount Tantiss.[1]

When Omega and fellow clone Crosshair later made their own escape, they used the tunnel that Batcher had used while kept in captivity to flee the facility. Batcher aided the clones by attacking the pursuing TK stormtroopers, allowing Omega, Crosshair, and Batcher to leave Wayland aboard a stolen shuttle.[3] The three then rejoined Clone Force 99.[4]

Following their escape from Wayland and crash landing on Lau, Batcher would accompany Crosshair and Omega to the local spaceport, where the three attempted to find passage offworld. During Omega's balaans game with Imperial Captain Mann, Batcher would attempt to intimidate the Imperials. Following Omega's victory, Batcher was kidnapped by Imperial TK stormtroopers and taken to the spaceport's cargo docks. Crosshair and Omega freed the lurca hound as well as the other wild animals, including nunas, void striders, and a rathtar.[5]

Following their reunion with the rest of Clone Force 99, Batcher would reside with them on the planet of Pabu, quickly becoming friendly to the islanders and the local wild-life, particularly the moon-yo. She would frequently be at Omega's side, notably being present during Omega's meditation sessions with Crosshair and exploring the caves underneath the island, where Batcher would run away after sensing Asajj Ventress.

Batcher accompanied the Batch on several of their following missions, playing a vital role in the mission to Barton IV. During the attack on the island led by CX-2, Batcher would accompany Crosshair and Omega as they attempted to escape. The hound attacked multiple stormtroopers and provided a distraction for the two to evade patrolling troopers. Following Omega's recapture, Batcher would remain on Pabu while the rest of the sqaud traveled to Erebus to break Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart out of an Imperial prison in order to gain the coordinates to the Mount Tantiss Facility.

Following the final confrontation at Mount Tantiss, Batcher would rest with the rest of her squad under the weeping Maya tree. Some years later, a visibly older Batcher and Hunter bid Omega farewell as she left Pabu to join the Rebel Alliance as a pilot.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Don't worry, she only bites half of the time."
―Omega, to Nemec[4]

Batcher was a affectionate and loyal companion.

Batcher was a loving and loyal hound. She liked to follow Omega and Crosshair, and although the latter was keen to leave Batcher behind on Lau, he would eventually come to appreciate her company.[5] When Batcher met the rest of Clone Force 99, the group took a liking to her. Batcher enjoyed playing with Wrecker. She was still closest with Omega, who loved to pet and play with her and, on at least one occasion, slept leaning up against the hound.[4] Joining the squad on missions, Batcher proved eager to help the squad without much prompting, digging out the entrance to the Imperial Depot that was buried in snow on Barton IV[7] and helping them incapacitate clone stormtroopers on Teth.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Batcher first appeared in "Confined,"[1] the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch's third season, which premiered on February 21, 2024.[8] Batcher was first mentioned in an interview with Michelle Ang, on February 14, 2024.[9] Dee Bradley Baker, voice of the clone troopers in The Bad Batch, also provided sounds for Batcher.[10]



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