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"The Emperor recently promoted me after my victory at Batonn."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn[4]

Batonn was a planet located in the Batonn sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Admiral Thrawn was victorious in the Batonn insurgency, which led to the Emperor promoting him to Grand Admiral.


The planet Batonn was known to have one main continent and a smaller landmass called Scrim Island that lay 300 kilometers to the west of the continent. One known city on Batonn's main island was Paeragosto City, which was the location of Governor Restos' palace and was near the Creekpath Mining and Refining complex. Scrim Island was the location of an Imperial garrison and was protected by a deflector shield, shoreline defenses, four ion cannons, and a turbolaser cannon.[1]


During the Imperial Era, Batonn exported doonium and other precious metals to the Galactic Empire, which used them to build the Imperial Navy and the Death Star. Arihnda Pryce's parents Talmoor Pryce and Elainye Pryce relocated to Batonn's Creekpath Mining and Refining complex after losing control of Pryce Mining on Lothal. The planet was governed by the corrupt Governor Restos, who enforced order through the Batonn Defense Force. Eventually, resentment and grievances against Restos' rule led to the emergence of an insurgent movement led by Nevil Cygni, who was known by his pseudonym "Nightswan". The Batonn insurgents were part of a sector-wide insurgency and had ties to insurgents on Sammun and Denash.[1]

Around 2 BBY, Nightswan engineered the capture of Scrim Island in order to set a trap for the Chiss Admiral Thrawn, a rising star in the Imperial Navy. Fleet Admiral Jok Donassius dispatched Thrawn to retake Scrim Island but the Admiral insisted on studying the situation further. As a result, the mission was assigned to Admiral Durril, who launched a hasty attack that resulted in his One Oh Third Task Force sustaining considerable damage. Thrawn and Commander Eli Vanto managed to collect intelligence on the Scrim Island defenses and Nightswan.[1]

Using this information, Thrawn's Ninety-Sixth Task Force overwhelmed the insurgent defenses on Scrim Island, forcing their surrender. However, eight insurgent ships managed to flee to the main continent. Insurgent forces regrouped at Creekpath complex where they took control of the mine with the help of sympathetic locals. Vanto and Thrawn discovered that the rebels had regrouped at Creekpath and imposed a siege of the complex. Thrawn also used three damaged Imperial light cruisers to set a trap for Nightswan's insurgent fleet in space.[1]

The Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen devised a plan to disable the insurgent's deflector shield by sending Agent Gudry to blow it up, enabling Thrawn's forces to attack the complex. In an attempt to avoid heavy civilian casualties, Thrawn secretly met with Nightswan and invited him to join the Chiss Ascendancy in return for peacefully surrendering his forces. While respecting Thrawn, Nightswan declined his offer since he did not trust Restos to show clemency to his followers. Shortly later, insurgent forces tried to attack the orbiting Imperial fleet but were ambushed by three squadrons of TIE fighters hidden within repair barges. Despite Thrawn's efforts to minimize civilian casualties, all the insurgents and many civilians were killed when Pryce detonated Gudry's explosives in an effort to conceal his murder. Pryce had murdered Gudry after he threatened her parents.[1]

The Creekpath mine explosion brought an end to the Batonn sector insurgency.[1] Despite the high civilian casualties, the Empire regarded the events on Batonn as a victory since it eliminated the remaining rebel forces in the sector.[4] The Imperial Senate launched an inquiry into the bombing but found little evidence. However, Thrawn along with Yularen and Vanto privately suspected that Pryce was complicit in the bombing despite her professing innocence.[1] Following the pacification of the Batonn insurgency, Thrawn was promoted to the rank of Grand Admiral and given command of the elite Seventh Fleet.[4]



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