"Incoming! Ten ships on vector one-ten by 80. Batonn insurgents!"
―An Imperial crewmember warns Admiral Thrawn[src]

The Batonn insurgents were a group of insurgents led by Nevil Cygni (or "Nightswan") who operated on the planet Batonn fought against Admiral Thrawn during the Imperial Era. They worked with other insurgent groups in the Batonn sector including the Denash insurgents and the Sammun insurgents during the Batonn sector insurgency. The Batonn insurgents were wiped out during the Batonn insurgency[1] As a result of Imperial operations on Batonn, Denash, and Sammun,[1] there were no more insurgents in the Batonn sector by 2 BBY.[3]


The Batonn insurgents had a fleet of at least thirty mid-sized starships, comprising of Gozanti-class cruisers, GR-75 medium transports, Imperial Support Vessels, at least one G9 Rigger-class light freighter, several other mid-sized ships, as well as RZ-1 A-wing interceptors, and Nu-class attack/transports shuttle.[2]


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