"Let me tell you something. There are far too many like him. Do-gooders who believe that because of the things Czerka must do to remain successful and profitable, we must be evil."
Jana Lorso[src]

Batono was a Human male and a former employee of Czerka Corporation. He disagreed with many of their practices and began to seek shelter with the Ithorians on Citadel Station. The leader of the Ithorians, Chodo Habat, put Batono in a secure apartment.


Unluckily for Batono, both Czerka and the Telos Security Force were after him. Czerka wanted to silence him while the TSF wanted him to testify against Czerka before the Telosian Council. Eventually, Dol Grenn would hire the services of Meetra Surik, who quickly found where Batono had gone.

When he was found, Batono was very resistant to leaving his apartment, though Surik persuaded him to come and testify against Czerka. Batono agreed and he left with Surik, only to run into two of Czerka's mercenaries, which Surik defeated handily. Batono was handed to the TSF safely and he thanked Surik. Grenn then gave 300 credits to Surik.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alternatively, for the dark side choice, the player can kill Batono and go to Jana Lorso to claim the reward of 200 credits for his elimination.

It is also possible for the player to find Batono, go to Jana Lorso and inform her of this, and she arranges for some mercenaries to "take care of him" when the player returns to Batono and convinces him to leave the safety of his apartment.


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