The Battle Analysis Computer, or BAC, was an onboard starship computer system designed by General Jan Dodonna to provide starship captains and fleet commanders with tactical analyses, statistics and suggestions based on real-time feeds. If provided with accurate pre-battle inputs, such as estimated enemy strength and fleet logistics, the BAC could develop battle plans and predict outcomes. To enhance a commander's understanding of the multifaceted data output, the BAC could be connected to an astromech droid for a real-time holographic projection of the battle.


The BAC prototype was originally supposed to be ready for the battle with the Second Death Star, but software issues kept it inoperable. It was tested aboard Flurry by Luke Skywalker at the Invasion of Bakura. Though it proved quite useful to Skywalker, the testing also revealed several flaws, including a tendency to provide confusing or contradictory responses when confronted with rapidly changing battle conditions. Skywalker recommended adding a counterpart module to the BAC, possibly an R2-series astromech droid, to assist in sifting through the data and to provide more useful recommendations with greater clarity. General Dodonna's staff, still intact despite the apparent death of the General years before, took Skywalker's field test information and began refining the software of the computer, with the expectation that the production version of the BAC would be installed on many of the Alliance of Free Planets' larger warships.



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