The Battle Scythe was the most powerful war vehicle employed by Wookiees, developed and deployed after the fall of the Galactic Empire.


A massive mobile fortress, the Scythe was one of the most powerful vehicles ever developed by the Wookiees. Its thick armor plating protected it from all but the most concentrated anti-armor attacks, and it could return fire from three heavy blaster cannons mounted in rotating turrets; one was located on the vehicle's dorsal surface, and two on small "wings" protruding from either side of the vehicle's chassis. The Scythe's crew consisted of a pilot and at least one gunner, who crewed the vehicle from a cockpit located at the front of the vehicle. The Scythe could also carry up to fifteen passengers, usually fully-armed Wookiee warriors. The vehicle's thick forward armor enabled its use as a battering ram, and the vehicle's nose was fitted with a spade-shaped, reinforced trowel for this purpose.

The Scythe utilized a repulsorlift engine for propulsion, and no thrusters were present. The engine was located at the rear of the vehicle, tucked under thick armor plating, though the armor here was thinner to allow for cooling. Because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicle, it was relatively slow-moving. For this reason, it was typically escorted by lighter vehicles and infantry to prevent its destruction by more agile enemy forces.

Despite these setbacks, the Scythe was truly an impressive vehicle, able to hold its own against the All Terrain Armored Transport utilized by the Empire.

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