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Battle Station Operations was a branch of the Imperial Military devoted to siege equipment, mainly space stations (such as Golan Space Defense SpaceGuns and Death Stars). It was headed by Battle Station Command.



Battle Station Operations place in the Death Star command organization.

Battle Station Operations was one of the three leading branches aboard the first Death Star (along with army and navy operations).[1] Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin acted as the head of Battle Station Operations,[1] with General Hurst Romodi serving as the operations chief before the Battle of Yavin in 0 ABY.[2]

Aboard the first Death Star, Battle Station Operations comprised eight departments (each under the command of one major): logistics, personnel, security, station defenses, engineering, medical, technical support and maintenance-repair.[1]

Titus Klev was assigned to Battle Station Operations, but he never served aboard the second Death Star as it was destroyed at the Battle of Endor. He later served in some Dedicated Siege Platforms and orbital bases, eventually rising through the ranks of Battle Station Command.[3]


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