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As a mercenary, Darca Nyl was involved in a number of battles and conflicts years before 32 BBY.

One particular battle took place above a spaceport on an unknown planet. Here, Darca was part of a battalion equipped with jetpacks. These troops would be carried into battle inside repulsorlift troop carriers and deployed against larger air vehicles. Right before their deployment in this battle, the battalion's troop carrier was hit by enemy fire and most of the unit died instantly. Only Garrett and Darca survived the explosion and debarked from the disintegrating vehicle. While in mid-air, the pair tried to link up with near-by battalion, but Garrett's jet pack was hit and he dived uncontrollably towards the spaceport below. With only a few seconds to spare, Darca saved Garrett's life, but the experience made a lasting impression on the mercenary and would contribute to him abandoning his former life. Darca Nyl was a free man after the battle.


  • "Nomad" (Appears in flashback(s))
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