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Referred to as the Battle against Liquidator, this series of operations involved the Star Destroyer Liquidator and the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

The Liquidator waited in orbit around Delrakkin to rendezvous with the Death Star. The Liquidator's commander, Admiral Termo, sent Captain Skeezer to the Yavin system in a long-range modified Carrack cruiser to discover the reason for the Death Star's delay. Meanwhile, on their base on Yavin 4, the Rebels learned that the Death Star was carrying an excess supply of bacta. Before they could speculate as to why, Captain Skeezer's cruiser was discovered. Han Solo, flying the Millennium Falcon alongside his Wookiee copilot Chewbacca, disobeyed orders and disabled the ship, causing it to crash on the moon. In the ensuing firefight, Skeezer was captured and the rest of his force eliminated. During his subsequent interrogation, Skeezer admitted that the bacta supply onboard the Death Star was poisoned. Determined to discover the bacta's intended use, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo went to the planet Thyferra to find what information they could. After escaping Imperial capture, the Rebels made contact with Voralla Morbo. She revealed that a modified Carrack cruiser did indeed pick up a large quantity of alazhi, en route to Delrakkin. The Rebels hurried to reach Delrakkin in order to foil the Empire's plan. At the same time, Admiral Termo listened to the holotapes made for him by Grand Moff Tarkin. The first ordered the Admiral to contact holocomm channel "B90-478R", leading Termo to unwittingly contact Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor told Termo about the Death Star's destruction, and ordered him to tell no one of what had happened and to carry out Tarkin's orders on the other two holotapes. The other two tapes revealed to Termo that, since the poisoned bacta was unavailable, he was to attack Imperial controlled Delrakkin in order to use the planet for secret tests, and to use X-wings in the attack so that blame for the assault could be lain at the feet of the Rebellion. When the Millennium Falcon arrived at the planet, the X-wings shot the freighter down. Faced with this menace, the Rebels decided to act: Luke Skywalker destroyed the Imperial X-wings and sneaked aboard the Liquidator, stealing the two holotapes from Termo's office (The third was safe in the Admiral's breast pocket). The Rebels learned about the plan and also that the Star Destroyer was headed back to Yavin. Worse, Captain Skeezer had escaped in his repaired Carrack cruiser. In the battle that followed, both the cruiser and the Liquidator were destroyed. Only Admiral Termo and Communications officer Tix survived in an escape pod.

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