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An example of battle armor

Battle armor was some of the heaviest armor in widespread use as of the Jedi Civil War. Designed for use by heavy militias, it had the protection needed to keep a soldier alive during ranged combat with massive weapons.

Battle armor was constructed from a mesh of metal or composite plates and a padded jumpsuit. Variants of the armor included less plates and more padding for a lighter, though less protective armor, and heavier plating with molded pieces to fit the wearer. Though the armor was available unmodified, most users personalized their armor. From 22 BBY to 4 ABY, the armor's standard cost was 6,000 credits, though the variants could range in price from 2,000-12,000 credits. The weight also varied from 13-35 kgs. depending on the amount of customization. Standard suits of battle armor weighed 16 kgs.

Battle armor was also used at other points in time. During the Galactic Civil War, battle armor was a classification of armor. Stormtrooper armor was an example of battle armor, as well as much of the armor used by bounty hunters.

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