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"Ultimately, the Rakata wanted the secrets of the Infinity Gate technology. We refused to give it to them, so they made war on us, their benefactors. We did not give it to them."

Many years before 36,453 BBY, the Rakata species made war upon their Kwa benefactors, who had taught the Rakata how to use the Force, when the Kwa refused to give the Rakata their Infinity Gate technology. Using the dark side of the Force and the technology that the Kwa gave them, the Rakata forged an Infinite Empire based on conquest and enslavement of Force-rich worlds, and they sought to use Infinity Gate technology to travel instantaneously between worlds. The Kwa fought back against the Rakata on the Rakata homeworld of Lehon, holding the Rakata off until several of their number could destroy the Infinity Gate on Lehon, though many Kwa died in the process. Following the battle, the Kwa destroyed or disabled most of the remaining gates across the galaxy and retreated to their homeworld of Dathomir, though some Kwa like A'nang remained behind on worlds such as Tython.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The battle between the Kwa and Rakata was first shown through a flashback in the comic book Dawn of the Jedi: The Prisoner of Bogan 4, which was released on March 27, 2013.[1] An image of the conflict was later used in Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut, a StarWars.com blog post published on September 27, to illustrate the Rakata's conquests.[2]



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