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Battle droid 513 was one of many battle droids made by the Mandalorian Death Watch on the planet Carlac from parts of destroyed Confederacy of Independent Systems droids. 513 specifically was made of parts from an LR-57 combat droid, a B1 battle droid, and an LM-432 crab droid, and had a deep-voiced vocabulator. The Death Watch members would use 513 and its reassembled comrades for target practice, and while Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano, Lux Bonteri and the astromech droid R2-D2 were visiting the Mandalorians on Carlac 513 was hit and damaged by blaster fire. R2-D2 was then ordered to repair the damaged droid, and while the Death Watch left to a Ming Po town, the reassembled droids begged the astromech to repair them so they could fight back against their captors. After Tano was captured, R2, 513 and the other droids attacked the Death Watch in order to help Tano escape. During the ensuing fight, 513 was shot and collapsed, but in the end Tano, Bonteri and R2 were able to escape.[1]

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