The Battle for Mos Espa[4] occurred between the Fett gotra and the Pyke Syndicate.[2]


After the Pyke Syndicate bombed the Sanctuary, Boba Fett and his enforcers Fennec Shand, Din Djarin, Krrsantan, his two Gamorrean guards and the Mods took their positions around the city of Mos Espa in preparation for the oncoming battle. Fett, Shand, and Djarin took defensive stance at the ruined remains of the Sanctuary, anticipating the arrival of the citizens of Freetown to reinforce them soon.[2]

Fett was soon greeted by his former mentor Cad Bane, who was working on behalf of the Pykes to persuade Fett to surrender and allow the Pykes to continue the spice trade on Tatooine. He told Fett that he had dealt with the people of Freetown and their sheriff, Cobb Vanth, and that there was no one coming to help him. He also revealed that the Pykes were responsible for the massacre of the Tusken Raider tribe that had taken Fett in after his escape for the sarlacc pit. Fett kept his composure and told Bane that the Pyke presence would not be tolerated. Bane stalked away, saying that if he did not surrender, then he and his forces would be crushed.[2]

The battle[]

Fett weighed his options with Shand and Djarin, but they soon received multiple distress calls from their other gotra forces informing them that the three crime families that Fett had negotiated a truce with have turned on them.[2]

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