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A battle group of the Imperial Navy stationed over Cymoon 1.

"Among our most recent losses was the battle group at Falleen."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, to Anakin Skywalker[1]

A battle group, also referred to as a fleet group or assault group, was a naval formation in the naval forces of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. The Falleen battle group was destroyed during the Battle of Falleen and shortly prior to the Battle of Bothawui, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi reported the loss of the battle group to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano. Skywalker then led his forces against the Separatist fleet of General Grievous in the Battle of Bothawui.

Land forces[]

A battle group could be used to define a complement of army units. Within the Alliance to Restore the Republic, battle groups referred to ground units that were supplemented and transported by sub-capital ships. The 61st Mobile Infantry Company was one such battle group that was headquartered on the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike, and supported by the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise. The 61st Mobile Infantry was one of many such battle groups within the Alliance Army.[2]

Naval forces[]

Conversely, a battle group in[1] naval terminology was also referred to as a fleet group[3] or assault group[4] and was a military organizational unit.[1]

CIS Navy[]

The Confederacy of Independent Systems Navy deployed battle groups against the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, which were one type of military organizational unit.[5]

Republic Navy[]

Battle groups were deployed by the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars against the Separatist Alliance, with two such units being the battle group located at Falleen[1] and the battle group led by Jedi General Even Piell.[3] In the Republic Navy, a carrier battle group were a type of specialized battle group that was centered around a Venator-class Star Destroyer, and was considered lethal against Separatist naval forces.[5] A captain in the Republic Navy could serve as the commander of a battle group.[3]

Imperial Navy[]

Inheriting the assets and heritage of the Republic Navy,[6] the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire also utilized battle groups within its Order of Battle, although of varying sizes and roles. On the smaller scale, a battle group that was composed of a Gladiator-class Star Destroyer and several frigates and gunboats served as a blockade force in the Ilum system to defend the combined Imperial Military garrison there early in the Imperial Era.[7] Another battle group composed of three Imperial II-class Star Destroyers defended the Cymoon system during the Galactic Civil War.[8] Battlegroup Echelon was also active during the Imperial Era,[9] as was another battle group towards the end of the war.[10]

On the larger scale of battle groups, a battle group led by Commander Ellian Zahra during the Galactic Civil War consisted of a secondary strike force as well as three Imperial II-class Star Destroyers and fourteen Arquitens-class command cruisers.[4] Additionally, a battle group was located on Telos and operated at least two Star Destroyers,[11] while the Star Dreadnought Assertor was the flagship of its own battle group that consisted of dozens of vessels including dreadnoughts, Star Destroyers, cruisers, and support vessels. The sister ship Wrath also maintained its own similar battle group.[12]

New Republic Navy[]

The New Republic Defense Fleet, successor to the Rebel Alliance Fleet, also utilized battle groups during the Galactic Civil War. One such battle group was the Barma Battle Group, led by General Hera Syndulla from the Acclamator-class cruiser Lodestar.[13] Another such unit was Talus Group, which was led by a CR90 corvette, as well as the battle group of the MC75 Star Cruiser Temperance, which included at least four EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates, at least five CR90 corvettes, and at least seven GR-75 medium transports.[9]

First Order Navy[]

The First Order Navy, successor to the Imperial Navy decades later, also utilized battle groups within its organizational unit hierarchy. The Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Steadfast was the flagship of its own battle group during the war against the Resistance.[14]

Behind the scenes[]

Battle groups were first mentioned in "Downfall of a Droid" from the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[1]



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