A battle helmet was a type of helmet worn by Enfys Nest,[1] leader of the pirate gang, the Cloud-Riders.[2] It was inscribed with a poem, "Until we reach the last edge, the last opening, the last star, and can go no higher."[3] The inscription used an alternate Aurebesh font.[4]

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Behind the scenes[]

Early iterations of Enfys Nest's inscribed battle helmet were inspired by a dolphin skull which was lacquered in black and red by Japanese artists and then decorated in gold powder, while the chrome eyepiece of the helmet was inspired in the mirrored aviator sunglasses worn by Boss "The Man with No Eyes" Godfrey in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke. The helmet went through many prototype designs, with these designs ultimately being used for members of the Cloud-Riders.[5]

In 2019, when Glyn Dillon, a costume designer of Rogue One and Solo, was asked about the alternate font on Twitter, he revealed that it has been developed at the request of director Gareth Edwards, for the film Rogue One, and was re-used for Enfys Nest's helmet in Solo, and said the script had been named "Dishabesh."[6]



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