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The Battle in the Dellalt system was a Rebel attack against an Imperial convoy in the Dellalt system. During this mission, the Rebels discovered that the Emperor has ordered a new campaign to crush the Alliance: the Operation Strike Fear.


The mission was a hit and fade strike against an Imperial convoy of five BFF-1 bulk freighters leaving the Dellalt system. Involved in the attack was Lieutenant Keyan Farlander (Red Two), flying as wingman to Lieutenant Hamo Blastwell (Red Leader).

The battleEdit

Blue Squadron's Y-wings attacked the Bixby and Red Squadron's X-wings were scrambled to destroy the transports. The Dagger was charged to eventually board the corvette.

The strike turned up an unexpected bonus when Blue Squadron reported that the crew of the Corvette wanted to defect. While Blue Squadron's Y-wings covered the defection of the Bixby, Blastwell and Farlander destroyed the entire convoy.


"I watched them destroy entire cities just to make a point. I watched them load intelligent beings into freighters with almost no life support and ship them off to who knows where … I held my tongue, but I'm not like that."
Captain Nogdra[src]

The Imperial EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Gorgon arrived too late to prevent the now captured ship from returning with the Alliance team.

Bixby's' commander, Captain Nogdra, revealed that the Empire was planning a major offensive called Operation Strike Fear, beginning in the Dellalt system. Farlander was selected to conduct a reconnaissance flight in that system.

Shortly after the capture of the Bixby, Blastwell was promoted to captain.



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