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A battle at the planet Abraxas was one of the first engagements of the New Republic after the end of the Nagai–Tof War.[3] Admiral Firmus Nantz was given command of the First Fleet, tasked with operations in the galaxy's Western Reaches. He staged his campaign from the planet Saijo.[2]

From there, Nantz took the First to Abraxas where the fleet engaged and destroyed the Eiattu pirates. The move was a show of force that was planned to keep two of the new Imperial warlordsMoff Utoxx Prentioch and Superior General Sander Delvardus—bottled up in their own territories. The tactic succeeded; Prentioch remained in the Bomis Koori system, while Delvardus guarded the borders of his fiefdom.[2]

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Jason Fry confirmed on the Jedi Council Forums that the Eiattu pirates mentioned in The Essential Guide to Warfare are the pirates from Lando's Commandos and that the battle of Abraxas follows Lando's mission.[1]

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