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The Battle of Aguarl 3 was a brief engagement six months after the Battle of Yavin.

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"The destruction of the Death Star shows how dangerous the Rebellion has become."
"Now the Mon Calamari Rebels have infected the oceans of Aguarl 3."
―The squadron leader and Seth[src]

After being informed by a Quarren spy, the Imperial Star Destroyer, Ravagor swiftly deployed a squadron of TIE/sa Bombers to destroy the Rebel base hidden under the seas of Aguarl 3. Assigned to the task were the pilots, Willks, Rawst, Parrot and Ranulf Trommer.[2]


"Accelerate to attack speed! Let's blow that Rebel base into perdition."
―TIE/sa Bomber wing leader[src]

The Rebel Base under command of Leia Organa quickly detected the fighter squadron, activating the Rebel anti-air emplacements. The missiles swiftly destroyed all but one target, the bomber piloted by Ranulf.



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