"Colonel, if we were expecting the pirates to jump us, and they did not, was this mission a success?"
Corran Horn, to Tycho Celchu[src]

The Battle of Alakatha was a skirmish between Rogue Squadron and the Invid pirates.


The New Republic Intelligence had learnt that the Invids pirates led by the former Moff Leonia Tavira had planned to raid the planet Alakatha. The MC80 Star Cruiser Home One and two Victory-class Star Destroyers were dispatched in the system to prevent the attack. Rogue Squadron was sent earlier to Alakatha and hid in an asteroid belt.

The battleEdit

"This is Captain Corran Horn of the New Republic Armed Forces. I will accept your surrender."
"Don't you know, Invids never surrender?"
"Not true of the Booty Full."
―Corran Horn and a female pirate pilot[src]

Contrary to the massive attack force expected, one bulk cruiser and eighteen uglies starfighters arrived in the system and engaged a luxury liner, the Glitterstar. Colonel Tycho Celchu ordered Rogue Squadron to attack the pirates without waiting any reinforcement. Thanks to the element of surprise and their fighting skills, the New Republic pilots quickly destroyed all the enemies fighters and forced the cruiser to surrender.


When the New Republic fleet arrived in the system, the battle was already finished and all pirates eliminated. Questions arisen about the informations collected about the Invids attacks.

Rogue Squadron participantsEdit


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