This article is about the battle fought during the Clone Wars' Dark Reaper Crisis. You may be looking for other battles of Alaris Prime.

The Battle of Alaris Prime was a battle initiated by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, shortly after the First Battle of Geonosis.


Shortly after the Republic loss at Raxus Prime, Anakin Skywalker and smuggler Bera Kazan were held prisoner by the CIS and taken to the Kashyyyk moon of Alaris Prime. There Count Dooku ordered Cydon Prax to activate the Force Harvester, which would destroy the forests of the planet, as well as kill anyone in its vicinity.

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Anakin and Bera managed to escape on stolen STAPs as well as free other prisoners (primarily Wookiees). Bera knew some of the Wookiees in the nearby villages, and so they borrowed a pair of maru and that night, infiltrated a Separatist communications center. Using a stolen Armored Assault Tank, the two got farther into the base. Anakin then contacted the Galactic Republic and escaped from the base.

The next day, Anakin and Bera, along with a group of Wookiee soldiers waited for the Republic to arrive. The Confederacy ruthlessly attacked the village, taking out some of the homes. Anakin, Bera, and the Wookiee soldiers managed to hold off the droid forces long enough for the Republic Army to arrive by setting explosive traps that would collapse loosened rocks on some of the enemy Homing Spider Droids and triggering them, which drastically slowed down the droid assault.

A decent force of clone troopers and tanks soon arrived in an Acclamator-class assault ship and aided in the battle, fending off many droids and destroying most of the force. Kenobi and Skywalker then finished off the remaining Separatists and took out a large assault vehicle called the Harbinger, prompting the Separatists to retreat.



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