This article is about the battle fought during the Clone Wars' Hunt for the Decimator campaign. You may be looking for other battles of Alaris Prime.

The First Battle of Alaris Prime took place during the Clone Wars.


The Confederacy of Independent Systems, having secured the Decimator technology from its secret development site on Eredenn, launched an assault on the Wookiee colony of Alaris Prime to acquire the Decimator activation codes stolen by the Wookiees of Eredenn Prime.

The battleEdit

After landing on Alaris Prime, General Sev'rance Tann established an island base and struck out against the five Wookiee forces. The battle raged on land, sea and air, with the initial advantage holding for the Wookiees. Sensing the need to disrupt reinforcements, Sev'rance destroyed their transmitter tower and pressed on.

The strongest force against the CIS was the Republic presence followed by the outpost Chendrrl, then Rwookawarrump, Llamitcuk, Tayriiwook, and finally Rwaawrrkoo.

In the end, Sev'rance defeated the Republic and Wookiee forces, and secured the codes using a data droid.



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