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A battle took place between the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry led by Captain Micha Evon and the Galactic Empire's forces on Allst Prime led by Governor Magé. In the midst of the battle, the Forward Air Control Officer Cait was killed when directing the Sixty-First's X-Wings and Evon had to take her place. At the same time Sixty-First Soldier Brand rescued Lylee Anaraku from an AT-ST. Brand was distracted by Evon, standing over Cait's body and shouting orders into her comm, when Anaraku was taken down by an Imperial and Brand killed the Imperial and went to Anaraku's aid. Later in the battle Brand and Evon stormed into the governors office and Brand stunned Magé. Brand then pointed her gun at Evon as she a had taken a bounty on him. Evon revealed what he knew about her past and convinced her to stay with the Sixty-First and abandon her old life as a bounty hunter.[3]

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  1. Battlefront: Twilight Company says, that Brand already talked with Micha Evon about bounty on his head before the Haidoral Prime battle
  2. In chapter 32 of Battlefront: Twilight Company novel, where the Battle on Vir Aphshire is descripted, Brand is already well-trusted member of Twilight Company and ex-bounty hunter. She became the one during and after actions on Allst Prime. Summarizing the fact that Mad Rush operation was concurrent with the battles of Scarif and Yavin, the battle of Allst Prime should had happened before it.
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