The Battle of Almania was a battle between the New Republic and Kueller's warfleet at the Almanian system.


Prior to the battle, Chief of State Mon Mothma dispatched Leia Organa Solo in her personal starship on a rescue mission to Almania, accompanied by General Wedge Antilles in a Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, the Yavin and several other smaller vessels.

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Upon arrival at Almania, they were attacked by three Victory-class Star Destroyers which unleashed swarms of TIE fighters. While Antilles's fleet engaged them, Leia Organa Solo slipped through the battle in her personal starship and landed on Almania. Antilles's fleet suffered heavy losses during the assault.

Suddenly, he realized through the oddly precise maneuvers of the Star Destroyers that they were automated. He then ordered his flagship's gunners to open fire on the other New Republic vessels, not enough to cause heavy damage but to persuade the enemy computers that his vessel was one of them. The automated Star Destroyers circled around Antilles's flagship in a protective position, and he disabled them with precise turbolaser hits.

Here, Luke Skywalker engaged in a duel with Kueller. Luke had been previously injured by Kueller when he touched down on the planet. With the aid of a native animal, a thernbee, Luke escaped Kueller. When Leia Organa Solo came to rescue him, Kueller confronted them, intent on killing them both. Luke attacked, but in his weakened state, Kueller pushed him back, feeding off his anger to become more powerful. Leia fired blaster shots at Kueller, but he deflected them. Skywalker realized that prolonging the duel was only making Kueller stronger and prepared to sacrifice himself as his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi had done, and then guide Leia to defeat Kueller. However, at that point, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Mara Jade arrived with ysalamiri, which repelled the Force. Caught in the Force-empty bubble, Kueller was momentarily stunned. Feeling that he needed more power, Kueller prepared to activate a series of detonator-rigged droids around the galaxy and to draw on the power of the disturbance in the Force that the thousands of deaths caused by the explosions would generate. However, before he could do so, Leia Organa Solo shot and killed him.



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