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The Battle of Amaltanna was a battle between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, fought six months after the Battle of Geonosis. The forces of the Grand Army of the Republic were led by the Jedi Bultar Swan. Everyone, except Swan and Edi Wedd, perished, although the latter was incarcerated in his own fortress thanks to Swan.


All of General Bultar Swan's clone troopers were defeated. The Separatist leader remained in his fortress. Swan, determined not to fail, entered the heavily protected mansion. Ignoring the taunts of her foe, Swan sliced through doors, fended off battle droids, leaped huge chasms, and traversed through mazes, finally reaching the impregnable door leading to the leader's chambers. Quick on her feet, she sliced through the control panel with her lightsaber, locking herself out, but locking the Separatist leader in. Watching the Jedi exit the fortress, the leader sighed to himself, knowing that his saferoom will be his tomb.

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