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The Battle of Antamont occurred on the planet of Antamont during the Clone Wars, and was fought between the Grand Army of the Republic and the Separatist Droid Army.

The battleEdit

Antamont, an nonindustrial, green planet covered in mountains, was the site of a Galactic Republic stronghold during the Clone Wars. Separatist forces targeted the base, and sent hordes of B1 battle droids, grapple droids, dwarf spider droids, and Hailfire droids through the mountains toward the base. The path was littered with Republic landmines, which caused much damage to the onrushing droid forces.

Lone battle droid freedom

The battle rages on as a single battle droid retires

The CIS and Republic eventually clashed in a valley. As their infantry approached each other, each side began firing missiles at each other. Though the majority of the battle was conducting with infantry and land vehicles, atmospheric combat between each force also occurred.


The battle left many destroyed battle droids strewn all over Antamont, which were often found by local farmers. One such droid, who had deserted the battle, was found in working condition and brought back to a ranch by two farmers.

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