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The Battle of Antar 4 was a defining moment in the Separatist Crisis.


During New Year Fete Week, the Roshu Sune, a radical Separatist group, set off dozens of bombs in Antarian Ranger chapterhouses throughout the Gotal world of Antar 4, causing mass chaos which they exploited to issue an Article of Secession.

Hundreds of Antarian Rangers from across the galaxy made their way to Antar 4 with revenge in mind, as several battalions of Jedi under Masters Saesee Tiin and Coleman Trebor were also sent.

The battleEdit

The ensuing battle caused the deaths of many Rangers, Jedi, and civilians. The Jedi were forced to resort to setting off an electromagnetic pulse weapon, which caused intense pain and disorientation amongst the Gotals. This allowed the Jedi to seize the moment and claim victory.


While the battle was a technical victory for the Galactic Republic, it came at a high price: their use of the EMP had turned the Gotals against the Republic, while the slow and botched response had shown the galaxy that the Republic was not infallible.

In the eighteen months prior to the Battle of Antar 4, over a thousand worlds had joined the Confederacy; in the three months following the battle, over five thousand new worlds joined.

Following the battle, public opinion of the Jedi dropped, as the Jedi had been unable to prevent the battle from taking place.



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