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The Battle of Asteroid 426 took place during the Clone Wars.


"General Tann is en route with an elite task force. With the help of Confederacy cruisers, we should be able to penetrate this maze and clear the way for an invasion."
Count Dooku[src]

In order for Count Dooku's plan of invading the volcanic planet of Sarapin, the CIS needed to destroy the primary planetary defense grid in the asteroid maze.

Asteroid 426 Power Relay

Republic forces defending the Power Relay on Asteroid 426.

The battleEdit

Arriving with the Separatist forces, General Sev'rance Tann was instructed by Dooku to fight through the asteroid field and Republic grid defenses to Asteroid 426, located outside of Sarapin in the planet's ring. It wasn't easy as the field was filled with Heavy Anti-Air turrets, which would destroy the fighters and the rest of the force very quickly. Fortunately with Confederacy cruisers, which were brought to assist Tann, she was able to slowly make way to the asteroid with facing a little resistance from the Republic fighters. Eventually making it to the asteroid, she ordered to destroy the supply depots, so she could get enough resources to set up a base on it. Meanwhile the Republic troops stationed on the asteroid led a periodic attacks to the enemy base, though it didn't faze them at all. Then, after gathering enough troops, she devastated the rest of the Republic forces and destroyed the power relay to Sarapin's shield.


Following the collapse of the planetary shield at the hands of the Confederacy, Sarapin was then left for the taking.

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