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The Battle of Axion was a battle during the Clone Wars which was a loss for the Galactic Republic.


Earlier, Axion had been a Human colony, though it was bought out by the Colicoids and became a Separatist research and development center. A Colicoid engineer responsible for creating the Protodekas was protected within the Separatist fortress on Axion. This made Axion prime bait for the Grand Army of the Republic.

The battleEdit

A clone trooper force was sent to Axion under Commander Brolis. Within two days, the Republic force had infiltrated the fortress through a hole in its foundations. However, this gave the Colicoids more than enough time to call for help.

Soon, an army of droids arrived on Axion and eventually the Republic task force was reduced only to Brolis, who was trapped in a ruined apartment. His calls for reinforcements were ignored by the Republic High Command. It seemed that Brolis was doomed until he met the centuries-old Jedi Master Yoda—his only reinforcement.

Yoda then engaged an attack wave of battle droids with his lightsaber and then in a brilliant display of "size matters not", he destroyed a Hailfire droid by using the Force to trick it into burying itself under twelve tons of collapsing rock. Though Yoda and Brolis escaped, Axion was lost to the Confederacy.


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