The Battle of Baskarn was a minor battle in the Galactic Civil War, in which an Imperial commander in charge of a long range recon mission discovered the secret Rebel Advance Base Baskarn and decided to attack on the spot.


Prior to the battle, Colonel Riskin had sent out a team of elite jungle specialists to investigate the disappearance of a five-soldier reconnaissance squad in the jungle. The team found out that the recon squad had been killed and eaten by a large predatory flightless bird, and subsequently, their weapons had been stolen by a tribe of Yrashu called the Low Ones. Joining forces with a friendly tribe of Yrashu, the jungle team defeated the Low Ones. Observing how clumsily the Rebels conducted themselves in the jungle, the Yrashu offered to teach them the Yrashu way of jungle survival in a session called a momu, which lasted nearly two weeks. The jungle team was, as required by Yrashu culture, adopted into the tribe and sent into the jungle accompanied by Yrashu tutors.

By observing the momu, the jungle team learned the Yrashu way of moving safely and quietly in the jungle—which required as little clothes as possible and no equipment, as clothes could get stuck in the growth of the jungle—climbing trees including the deadly razor trees, jungle camouflage, gathering fruits and berries, stalking prey, shaking predators such as the giant hrosma tiger, and breathing under water due to symbiotic bacteria that would invade the lungs of organic beings.

Upon completing the momu and creating close bonds with the Yrashu, the Rebels returned to the Advance Base Baskarn, where they were presumed missing in action, having been absent for two weeks.

Jungle tacticsEdit

Upon returning, the jungle specialists learned from Riskin and his second-in-command, Major Talsa that an Imperial recon fleet consisting of two Lancer-class frigates and Star Galleon-class frigate had appeared out of hyperspace and had initiated an invasion.

The ion cannon of the base fired a few shots through the small shield of the base, but then a computer malfunction caused the shield to break down facilitating the Imperial invasion. Upon the breakdown of the shield, Rebel starfighters were dispatched to thwart the invasion, but Imperial drop ships had already managed to land a force of sixty stormtroopers and two AT-STs half a kilometer south of the Rebel base.

Riskin, realizing that the outmanned Rebels might have an advantage in the newly acquired jungle skills of the Rebel jungle specialists who had gone through the momu, assigned them twenty regular Rebel soldiers and sent them to intercept the Imperial force. The Yrashu agreed to assist the Rebels now that some of their number had become part of their tribe. While the twenty regular soldiers proved to be more of a liability than a help, making noise, getting lost, and being attacked by predators, the Yrashu and the jungle specialists were highly efficient.

The sixty stormtroopers marched in two wedges of thirty flanking the AT-STs who walked side by side in the middle. Virtually naked and armed with Yrashu maces, the Yrashu-trained Rebels and the Yrashu, using jungle Yrashu guerrilla tactics, attacked the stormtrooper wedges, while the twenty regular soldiers were spread out in front of the Imperials to attract their attention. Attacking from the right flank, the Yrashu managed to take out some twenty stormtroopers before being forced into hiding by a barrage of AT-ST fire. The Yrashu-trained Rebels attacked the left wedge, taking out a similar number.

Having taken out some forty stormtroopers, the Rebels and Yrashu, lured the remaining forces back towards the Rebel base into a small minefield. The combination of the minefield, and clever jungle tactics lead to the disablement of the AT-STs, and the regular Rebel forces had no problems defeating the remaining stormtroopers.

In the meantime, the Rebel starfighters had managed to chase off the Imperial forces during the orbital battle, and possibly shot down the Star Galleon-class frigate.


After the battle, the Yrashu agreed to train more Rebels in the Yrashu ways of jungle survival, which lead to the establishment of a Rebel team of jungle specialists, using Yrashu tactics and skills, who went on jungle missions all over the galaxy. This group within the Rebellion was characterized by a strong sense of camaraderie and secrecy, since it was not allowed to discuss the momu with non-members of the Yrashu tribe.


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