The Battle of Bassadro was a twelve day battle fought during the Clone Wars.

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The Confederacy of Independent Systems conquered Bassadro during the early stages of the Clone Wars, securing the planet's resources for use in construction of its army of battle droids. The Galactic Republic responded by sending Jedi General Empatojayos Brand and his clone troopers to retake the planet. General Brand led his battalion to the dormant volcanic ranges that offered cover for the Separatist forces commanded by Major Domb Treetor. Brand ordered concussion missile strikes against the rock formations, creating a storm of shrapnel that sliced through the mining village of Agao-Nir, wiping out almost every battle droid stationed there. Utterly defeated, Major Treetor surrendered to the Republic.

News of Treetor's surrender was broadcast on Republic HoloNet channels, though the Separatists were quick to ensure reporters knew their reason for the Major's surrender—supposedly, Domb Treetor surrendered to Brand only to save the citizens of Agao and other nearby settlements from further warfare. The Ailon Nova Guard served on the Republic side of the conflict and was known to be critical of the Jedi leadership, feeling they were too lenient.



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