"They took us by surprise. We were holding our own to begin with. Then the Vong pulled back. We thought we had them on the run, but they were just getting out of the way. [sic] Once they'd punched a hole in our defenses, the Yuuzhan Vong came back into the fray. We've been on the back foot ever since."
Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon[src]

The Battle of Bastion was fought between the forces of the Imperial Remnant Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon and those of the Yuuzhan Vong Commander B'shith Vorrik. It resulted in the loss of the Imperial capital Bastion.[1]

The BattleEdit

"Bastion is going to take a pummeling, no matter what we do."
"It looks to me like they're pulling out. Falling back to regroup elsewhere. Look. They're civilian ships. They've evacuated Bastion."
Mara Jade Skywalker and Luke Skywalker[src]

While aware that a Yuuzhan Vong force was approaching their space, Imperial spies reported that the attack was aimed at the Hand of Thrawn at Nirauan.[1]

When Vorrik's forces instead arrived in the Bastion system, the Imperial Navy was caught completely off guard as the Yuuzhan Vong destroyed planetary defenses with ease. Despite this, the Starfleet was able to hold its own at first, until the Yuuzhan Vong pulled back. What the Remnant expected to be a retreat was soon revealed to be the launch of a swarm of thousands of grutchins.[1]

The fleet responded to the grutchins with appalling disorganization; only Pellaeon's own Star Destroyer, the Chimaera, responded with appropriate efficiency and effectiveness on short notice. The resulting losses forced Pellaeon to order the evacuation of Bastion.[1]

As separated elements of the fleet fought and attempted to regroup, a small Jedi expedition that included Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, arrived aboard the Jade Shadow. After assessing the situation, they jumped toward the gas giant where a force composed of the Chimaera, the Imperial Star Destroyer Superior, and their support craft were pinned against planet's gravity mass shadow by a powerful enemy contingent. The Jedi provided Pellaeon with information on the location of the enemy's yammosk before departing for Yaga Minor.[1]

Pellaeon dispatched TIE Fighters to deal with the yammosk carrier and then attempted to break out of the gas giant's mass shadow. The Superior was critically damaged and Pellaeon ordered its evacuation as it fell into the depths of the planet. The Chimaera had also taken considerable damage by the time a coralskipper rammed its bridge. The suicide run nearly killed Pellaeon, but a junior officer pulled the Grand Admiral from the bridge and loaded him aboard a medical frigate carrying survivors from Superior. Under the cover of wreckage from the dying Star Destroyer, and the brave sacrifices made by a dozen of the Superior's TIE Fighter pilots, the frigate was able to escape for Yaga Minor.[1]

Toward the end of the battle, a Yuuzhan Vong slaveship arrived over Bastion and began to harvest Imperial citizens who had been unable to escape in time.[1]


"Anyone with half a brain should have seen the flaw in the reasoning that, if we hadn't been attacked yet, we were unlikely to be attacked at all."
Captain Arien Yage[src]

While caught off guard, the efforts of the Imperial Navy enabled most of Bastion's population to escape in time.[1]

Upon arrival in the Yaga system, the shuttle's pilot, a Human male named Vitor Reige, ferried Pellaeon to the Imperial frigate Widowmaker. The Grand Admiral's life was saved due thanks to surgery from the Chadra-Fan Jedi healer Tekli. Pellaeon's survival restored the Imperial chain of command.[1]

Despite the evacuation of their commander, the crew of the Chimaera successfully managed to retreat from Bastion and afterward limped into Yaga Minor.[1]

Now provoked, the Imperial Remnant chose to ally with the Galactic Alliance against the Yuuzhan Vong empire.[1]



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