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The Battle of Bespin was a battle during the Clone Wars, occurring sometime after the Battle of Teth. Led by Jedi Master Glynn-Beti, it was initially a loss for the Galactic Republic. The Confederacy of Independent Systems had launched an invasion force upon Bespin as its tibanna gas refineries were the main source of energy for the Republic's turbolasers aboard capital ships and were considered a Republic weapons factory by the Separatists. The battle ended in a Separatist victory.[1][5] The Republic would later retake the world and the two sides would skirmish over it for the rest of the war.[3]

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The Battle of Bespin is first mentioned as a loss for the Republic in a cutscene after the final mission on Rhen Var in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars video game released in 2002. This is agreed upon by other sources such as the The New Essential Chronology, released in 2005. However, in the The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny, the outcome of the battle is left largely unresolved. Master Glynn-Beti tells the reader character to help evacuate the city; alternate story branches have the character escape with Raan Calrissian amidst the battle. Further complicating matters, The Clone Wars Campaign Guide, released in 2009, indicates that the Republic wages "a number of small orbital battles, punctuated by lengthy dogfights in Bespin's upper atmosphere" that result in an eventual Republic victory.



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