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The Battle of Bespin in 12 ABY was part of the Empire Reborn campaign.


It occurred after Kyle Katarn went to Cloud City after linking up with Lando Calrissian at Nar Shaddaa. Calrissian told Katarn of Remnant activity in Cloud City, as well as being overrun by Reelo Baruk's minions and used the Lady Luck to infiltrate the undercity.

The battleEdit


A Bespin Wing Guard during the battle.

It was then, in a similar chamber to that where Darth Vader revealed his terrible revelation to Luke Skywalker, that Katarn encountered a strange being: a Dark Jedi called a Reborn, whom Katarn dueled and killed. Using Calrissian's R5-series astromech droid, he soon gained access to the city streets.

Linking up with the Bespin Wing Guards, Katarn first destroyed all of Reelo's thugs in the lower levels and then forced all Remnant forces out of the city. Tavion Axmis, Desann's apprentice, engaged Katarn in a duel. Katarn emerged victorious, and Force-gripped Axmis, ready to kill her. Whimpering with fear, she revealed to him that Jan Ors, who was believed dead, was alive on the Doomgiver and begged him to let her go. He spared her life and boarded a carrier to go to the Cairn Installation.

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The battle appears in the 2002 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.



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