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This article is about the battle during the Sith–Imperial War. You may be looking for the battle during the Imperial Period.
"Where are those treacherous Alliance cowards?! We're getting slaughtered!"
―Chernan Ordo[src]

The Battle of Botajef was a major battle between the Fel Empire and the Mandalorians under the employ of the Galactic Alliance late in the first year of the Sith–Imperial War.

The battleEdit

The Mandalorians, under the leadership of Mandalore Chernan Ordo, had been hired to hold Botajef until the Galactic Alliance fleet arrived. However, in an act of betrayal, Yaga Auchs, who worked for a third party that wanted the Mandalorians to withdraw from the war, sabotaged the communication center, killing one fellow Mandalorian and leaving Hondo Karr to die. He then left the planet, along with the majority of the forces.

Karr survived by putting on the armor of a dead stormtrooper and pretending to be a surviving one. He joined the Jokers, a squad within the 407th Stormtrooper Division, under the command of Sergeant Ran Harkas.


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