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The Battle of Bothawui occurred as a result of intelligence provided by Colonel Jacen Solo and the Galactic Alliance Guard to the Galactic Alliance Defense Force that the Bothan military had recently purchased a new class of frigate from the Tallaani Shipyards.


Seizing upon the opportunity to learn more about a new Confederation Fleet unit, Supreme Commander Cha Niathal traveled to the Bothan sector to link up with Alliance military units monitoring Bothan fleet movements. While onboard the warship Bounty, a single Bothan frigate, accompanied by five unarmed tenders, approached the Alliance fleet.

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After deploying the X-wing unit Mothma Squadron to scan the vessel, an additional eighteen Bothan frigates appeared from hyperspace. Several X-wings from Mothma Squadron were destroyed in the encounter, prompting Captain Piris to deploy two additional units: Qaresi and Bronzium Squadron. A furious battle erupted, with the Bounty and the frigate Daring exchanging fierce barrages with the Bothan fleet. Despite having numerical superiority, the firepower deployed by the Alliance forces won the day. Of the nineteen frigates deployed by the Bothans, only seven escaped the battle. The remaining twelve hulls were either destroyed or disabled.


While the battle was a Alliance victory, it confirmed Admiral Niathal's position that the Defense Force would have to focus the bulk of its efforts to defeat Corellia, Commenor, and Bothawui. However, due to an increasing number of planetary conflicts, the Defense Force was finding itself increasingly stretched.


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