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The Battle of Bright Tree Village was the initial battle of the Stranger War between the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village and the Duloks.

Build-up[edit | edit source]

"You will follow me to the Ewok village."

A Wizard of the Night Spirit, the Stranger landed on Endor and proceeded to approach the Dulok swamp. Threatening their leader, King Gorneesh, the Dulok King ordered his forces to follow the Stranger to Bright Tree Village. Gorneesh took special note to tell his shaman, Umwak to keep watch of the Stranger as he was likely on the moon to steal the Sunstar from the Ewoks. Taking up arms, the Duloks fell into ranks behind the Stranger and they left the swamp.

Battle[edit | edit source]

"You'll never tell what has happened."
―The Stranger upon trapping the Ewok children on a burning bridge.[src]

As the Stranger and his soldiers entered the Ewok camp, the Wizard gave the call to attack. Swinging on vines, the Duloks began to raid the Ewoks' homes, dashing into the huts to steal food and assault the patrons. The commotion was soon heard by the Ewoks' Chief Chirpa who gathered his warriors and prepared to meet the Duloks in open conflict.

The Duloks and the Ewoks clashed on the main bridge of the village, exchanging blows. With the village in an uproar, the Stranger used the time to enter the hut of the Ewok's shaman, Logray and steal the Sunstar just as King Gorneesh had predicted. With the Sunstar in hand, the servant of the Night Spirit prepared to leave. However, he was spotted by the Ewok children, Wicket Wystri Warrick, Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Teebo, and Latara, who tried to raise the alarm.

The Stranger used the powerful artifact to create an open blaze on the bridge around the children, apparently sealing their fates. The Stranger then left the scene, abandoning his Dulok charges. King Gorneesh tried to stop the Stranger, indicating that he thought they were allies. However, the Stranger had only used the group to obtain the Sunstar, and with it, he cared little for the Duloks or the outcome of the raging battle. Threatening Gorneesh and his shaman, the Stranger fired several bolts at the two Duloks, sending them running. Without their King, the Duloks saw that the battle was lost and they fled in full retreat back to their swamp. With the main threat neutralized, the Ewok warriors were able to save the Ewok children just in time by dousing the flames with a firehose.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

"Come Ewoks. To the swamps!"
―Chief Chirpa[src]

As the heat of battle slowly quieted, the Ewok warrior, Weechee Warrick, noticed the missing Sunstar and informed Chirpa. Chirpa believed the Duloks to be behind the theft, and he rallied his warriors for an assault on the Dulok swamps. Meanwhile, the Ewok children, who had been trying to inform Chirpa of the real thief to no avail, left the village to track the Stranger's path. The Stranger managed to arrive at the Stone Circle to summon the rest of his species to the world, setting the stage for the Battle of Thorn Forest.

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